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Flat Carpenter Pencils

Flat Carpenter Pencils

offer a large space on which to print your marketing message. You can choose one to three lines of text to imprint your message, and can even add your logo or mascot!

Round Carpenter Pencils

Round Carpenter Pencils

are comparable to a large regular pencil. They have space for up to three lines of text, making this pencil a great choice for schools, churches and businesses.

Carpenter Pencils

Oldest Carpenter Pencil

A carpenter’s pencil is one of the oldest pencils in existence. In fact, a 17th century carpenter’s pencil was found in a German house made in the same century, likely used by one of the home’s builders. Like many carpenter’s pencils of today, this 300-400 year old pencil is flat, a decided advantage if you don’t wish your pencil to roll off the table.

Typically, the modern carpenter’s pencil is flat, and the lead (graphite core) is harder than the average school pencil. The flat sides are seen as an advantage in carpentry, since it doesn't roll like a round pencil.

There are round carpenter’s pencils, sometimes called jumbo pencils, which you might remember from kindergarten. Round carpenter pencils can have erasers if you want.

Marketing experts have long considered the imprinted pencil to be one of the most cost effective advertising tools around. It's easy to fit logos, school mascots, addresses, telephone numbers and just about anything you want on a customized carpenter pencil.

Carpenter Pencil Pricing can vary depending on several factors. As a rule of thumb, the larger the quantity ordered, the larger the discount per pencil. By shopping a specialty pencil wholesaler, you should be able to find prices you should be able to find prices at the lowest price.

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